Enjoy your spa all year round

Another advantage, and not the least, is that you can enjoy your garden at any time of the year, even in winter.

Admit that the prospect of lounging outside in 40-degree water in the middle of winter while gazing at the stars adds a touch of the exotic to everyday life! Plus, using a hot tub has been shown to help the body fight the viruses that so often knock us out in low temperatures.

An outdoor spa, added value on resale

Finally, if you want to resell your home, know that the presence of a spa, especially if it is well laid out, will add value to your garden and may drive up the sale price.

A word of advice, take care of the arrangements that surround your spa. There's nothing like a pretty patio or outdoor lounge to showcase your spa and make a good impression with buyers.

And if you are still hesitating for fear of having to clean the water because of pollens and other herbs that could fall there, consider the glass spa enclosure. You will therefore have all the advantages of the indoor spa while enjoying the view and the sun from your garden!


Having a spa tub in your bathroom makes more than one dream. In addition to the comfort and the relaxing effect that this type of equipment provides, the whirlpool has many health benefits and we also speak of balneotherapy or chromotherapy for more advanced models. Combining the useful with the pleasant in your bathroom is tempting ... Why choose a spa bath and for what type of bathroom is it possible? What are the different formats offered for these mini spa, and at what price?

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