Indoor spa, outdoor spa ... I don't know what to choose!

Have you made the decision to treat yourself to a spa tub, but you are having trouble deciding where to locate it, inside or outside the house? You do not know what measures during its installation?

A spa, whether it is a swim spa, a solid or inflatable spa, a portable spa, can well be installed outside the house or inside it, because in winter as in summer, the result that you will have will be the same, total relaxation. You just have to put it in the right place.

Choosing an outdoor spa?

Spa experience: Is your goal to experience the stimulating and friendly effect of the spa, under the sun, in the rain or under the stars with friends or family?

You should know that more than 70% of users have installed their spa outside even if they are in cold countries.

Whatever type of spa you choose, built-in spa, portable spa, inflatable spa, or swim spa, and whatever type of materials you use, outdoors or indoors, it is doable. Even in cold weather, it will still serve you unlike the swimming pool, you can adjust its temperature up to 40 ° C avoiding the winter cold.

It will not cause you too much of a problem, not like the indoor spa, a flat and solidly concrete floor, a small electrical connection, a water inlet nearby, are enough for its installation.

What are the advantages of the outdoor spa?

• Fewer installation problems
• A natural landscape
• Enjoy the garden day and night, winter and summer
• No worries in terms of humidity

How to choose the location of your outdoor spa?

The spa must be in harmony with the house and the garden.

Ideally, there would be a quiet place in your garden where you will be out of sight. More greenery equals more fun, but avoid plants that can pollute the water.

However, do not put it far from the house to avoid the temperature to 0 ° C in cold weather when you have decided to bathe while it is far from your bathroom. To accommodate children too, you will have control, and even if necessary, you can intervene quickly.

A happy medium between getting home quickly and enjoying the outdoors would be perfect.

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