Fitting your Spa

The installation of a hot tub is a very large operation. It must take into account not only the balneotherapy equipment to be installed, but also the environment in which it will be installed. Here is what to consider for an installation within the standards.

Preparation of the environment in which the spa will be installed

Before ordering the spa of your dreams, it is best to know exactly what it is going to be installed. The work that may be required by this installation, such as reinforcement, backfilling, etc. of the soil intended to support the equipment in question, must be carried out beforehand. Therefore, you must first ensure that the necessary space for this installation is available in your property. You also foresee the fact that certain elements will be required too and will also require a certain place. This is the case for the shelter, the cover, the means of access to the pool of this spa, the storage place for the various operating elements, etc. Also weigh to avoid any noise pollution that your spa could generate for your neighborhood.

You are therefore required to install it in a corner far enough from your neighbors. In addition, a spa should always be installed in a well-ventilated area that can withstand the ambient humidity generated by the permanent heat in the spa water very well. In operation, a spa is filled with water as which, will splash the users. By creating such beneficial swirls, the pumps deploy a fairly high power. This will give rise to vibrations in the ground. The floor, which is intended to act as a support for a spa, must therefore withstand both vibrations and a great weight.

The actual installation operation of the spa

To operate a spa, it will need to be connected to an electrical network and to a clear water source. This is why it is important to set up electrical connections. The rest of the operation is generally well detailed in each user manual offered with the acquired balneotherapy tool. If in doubt, call a professional in the field.

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